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Dr. Jones-Quaidoo recently sat down to share his knowledge and experience in a podcast interview with Keith Robinson of Medical News Media Source. The doctor discusses his expertise in back pain and spine conditions and provides a well-spoken explanation about the critical role of Neuromonitoring techniques used during spine surgery.

Neuromonitoring allows spine doctors to monitor the patient’s sensory information during surgery, such as a patient’s muscle movement and peripheral nerve response. It provides greater outcomes during surgery by helping spine surgeons recognize and prevent potential injury. Dr. Jones-Quaidoo uses complex Neuromonitors during both minimally-invasive and serious spine surgeries.

While neuromonitoring is important, skilled hands are what matter most in a spine surgeon. Dr. Jones-Quaidoo of SpineVue Dallas is a fellowship-trained and board-certified spine surgeon with a stunning reputation for skilled hands and an excellent bedside manner, and that’s because he treats his patients like family. His expertise has to lead to a dramatic upswing in the quality of life for many sufferers of back pain by providing comprehensive and compassionate care to help patients find a solution to their back pain.

Click here to listen to the podcast from Medical News Media Source.