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Innovative Regenerative Medicine for North Dallas ,TX Patients

Spine Vue’s regenerative medicine treatments help North Dallas patients promote healing and repair for a variety of back injuries and conditions. Spine surgeon and specialist Dr. Jones-Quaidoo, MD, is dedicated to providing innovative and caring medical service to his patients using the latest in technology and techniques. At our spine center, we handle a wide variety of back pain and neck pain issues, including injuries, deformities like scoliosis, and degenerative spinal pain. A cutting-edge treatment we offer is the astonishing healing power of regenerative medicine. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment with our spine specialists to discuss your condition and
treatment options.

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Treatment Available for Spine Vue’s Patients

It’s relatively simple and pain-free to harvest and prepare these impressive regenerative cells. Dr. Jones-Quaidoo, MD, obtains fat tissue from your lateral hip region or lower abdomen, or he’ll use a suction process to remove bone marrow from the back of your pelvis. We’ll then inject these prepared cells into the treatment area once they are ready on the same day. The typical time span for the repair process is two-to-three months, but reduced pain and improved function can be noticeable before then. We continue your treatment with follow-up injections at four and eight weeks following your original treatment injection. Administering follow-up injections allow the cells to maintain the regeneration and repair process of the cartilage tissue. Please contact Spine Vue to learn more about our innovative regenerative medicine practiced in North Dallas, TX.

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