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View of Forest in autumn weather

How the Changing Seasons Could Effect Your Chronic Back Pain

Changing seasons or changes in the weather is a frustrating topic when it comes to chronic pain. Chances are you’ve searched on the internet for articles or studies that back up your certainty that shifts in weather patterns affect your back pain or other types of chronic pain, with cool or damp weather unquestionably making your pain worse. And chances are that you haven’t found much in the way of evidence, leaving you feeling stymied, or possibly even causing you to second-guess yourself.

If you need proof you shouldn’t doubt yourself or your body, here it is. collected experiences from their readers that showed cooler, damp or cold weather can cause an increase in low back pain, neck pain, pain related to osteoarthritis and other joint pain, and can cause fibromyalgia symptoms to worsen.

Now That You Know You’re Not Alone, Here’s What You Can Do

Since your pain is being affected by cooler weather, it makes sense that adding your own heat can help bring relief. Try water therapy by soaking in a hot tub or warm bath a few times a week, using a heating pad or hot pack on the affected area for 20 minutes at a time, or wearing a heat wrap from your local pharmacy for up to 8 hours of mild heat application. It also helps to warm your muscles and joints by engaging in regular exercise during the cold weather months.