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Cervical Laminectomy with Fusion for Decompression and Spinal Stability

Cervical laminectomy with fusion is a surgical procedure that relives pressure on the spinal cord and spinal nerves while also providing increased spinal stability. This procedure is a treatment for spinal conditions like cervical stenosis. The cervical laminectomy with fusion targets the portion of the lamina in the neck.

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About the Procedure

In this procedure, the surgeon will remove a portion of the lamina, which is the back of the vertebral bones. When this piece is removed the spinal cord is able to float more freely, thereby removing the compression being placed on the cord as well as the spinal nerves. With this enlarged spinal canal space the progression of spinal conditions like cervical stenosis will be halted. This procedure may also bring pain relief as well as a reduction of numbness and weakness in the extremities.

Post Procedure

In a cervical laminectomy with fusion, the surgeon will insert a bone graft to fuse the affected vertebrae and increase the spine’s stability. While some pain relief may be immediate following the procedure, it may take several weeks for numbness to dissipate. With a cervical laminectomy with fusion it will take longer for a patient to return to normal activity than it would following a cervical laminectomy without fusion.

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